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Caut pentru munca de la home salerno, Salerno - intre munte si mare! / impresii Descoperă zona Salerno, SALERNO #AmFostAcolo

And a very good reason, for that matter.

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I took a short holiday, convinced Denisa to come with me and we headed for the Amalfi Coast in Italy. And because these couples of days were like a fairytale, I thought I would share with you some pictures and some information.

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I am considering doing this as part of the Fairytale Destinations section on the blog and sharing my travels with you. The only downsize here is the fact that I never carry a large camera with me and take all my photos with my phone. We took the plane to the Capodichino airport from Bucharest and landed in Napoli around noon. We took a bus from the airport to the Napoli Centrale train station and from there a train to Salerno.

Am fost la munca in Germania - nu e ceea ce pare

The train ride was very charming as we chose a Metropolitano train, which goes along the coast and makes stops in all the little towns like Pompei, Maiori, Minori or Vietri sul Mare.

We gazed at the sea and enjoyed the beautiful villages perched on the rocks.

Dupa cum aminteam, inca din prima zi ne-am hotarat sa mergem in fiecare port in excursii alaturi de grupul din Bucuresti, care aveau si ghid, dupa cum am procedat in insula Corsica si in Roma. Aici lucrurile s-au schimbat un pic, mai exact ei toti au ales o anumita excursie, adica o vizita pe Coasta Amalfi, unul dintre cele mai fermecatoare locuri din Italia. Noi am refuzat, deoarece in urma cu un an si ceva am fost aici, am putut admira Coasta Amalfi si ziua si noaptea, avand cazare in statiunea Maiori, dupa cum ati putut citi in review-ul despre care am scris aici Alte variante de excursii, pe langa aceasta ar fi mai fost: Insula Capri, pe care am vazut-o si-o recomand, puteti citi reviews-urile aici si aici apoi, vizita in orasele Ravello si Amalfi, inca o excursie la Pompei si City Tour. O alta varianta de a ne petrece timpul liber in orasul Salerno, mai era vizitarea orasului, neorganizat, dupa cum dorea fiecare. Am ales aceasta varinta, avand de acasa cateva file cu principalele obiective turistice din oras, scoase de pe internet

Salerno Marina We arrived in Salerno and walked to our home for the weekend it was more like climbed, as a big part of the town is built on hills. We then took a stroll by the sea-side Lungomare di Salernoadmired the pretty sailboats and finished the evening with the most delicious pizza I ever had in Italy.

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On the boat to Amalfi The next morning we set sail for the coast, we took a boat that made a stop in Amalfi and Positano. We first visited Positano and decided to take the bus back to Salerno, to have also the perspective of the road we could only see from a distance from the boat. The beautiful villas and hotels, the charming little shops with handmade local crafts, the luxury shops and restaurants all make it the perfect spot for a romantic getaway or even for having some time for yourself, away from everything.

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