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I don't know what it was on, TV, radio, don't care. But 8 i thought i had it and went for a walk. It's now and it's still on by the way.

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I can only hear the base. It's not the noise so much as the dust. I used some flat paint when i moved in thinking it's going to be better than glossy, more noise absorbent and with TiO2 that acts as a catalyst in it could help with decomposing the formaldehyde emanated from the fiberboard of the floor. But when the half inch panels the walls are made of vibrate they also release dust.

This type of paint catches dust easier and it releases it when a plane or loud car passes by. Sometimes exactly when you are trying to have a meal, ending in your plate.

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I dusted the walls and ceiling with an electrostatic duster a couple of days ago. So i left for a walk. There was a guy with a dog dancing with his dog in the night.

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I mean they made unpredictable, complicated moves and adresele de transcripție de lucru de domiciliu fără bail 2022 me it looked a bit like he was driving his dog on the sidewalk and the street in a very curious and sophisticated way. Left, right, forward, back then again left, right, etc. Finally passed him while cars passed me and went further down the street on Eagle Crest towards Stephenson. But exactly when i saw the two big neon 5s at nr 55, a noise and some lights appeared on the sky, first faint then louder and brighter, then louder then louder then i felt my spine vibrating.

I pulled my phone trying to call home so i can record the noise on the answering system. But it took too long until it rang 4 or 6 times and the thing passed feet above me, some 50 feet above the trees, climbing.

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I could see its gray belly with 4 wheels. I think they were 4 wheels. No, it couldn't have been the OHSU helicopter, that one is orange. As i was explaining to that lady at FAA one day she said "what, your are tracking planes on a site???

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So i waited two hours, opened that site and put in my address, time, etc and tried to figure what was that.

It came from the OHSU all right, but couldn't figure the type of the helicopter or where it went cause it disappeared from the tracking area of the site just south of Aurora, OR. It might have been an emergency, alright, but why every time when i go for a walk on Eagle Crest when i come at nr. Sometimes there are more as i go towards Stephenson. Always under ft which is the safety limit established by FAA.

I assume it's above the ground level not see level, cause it wouldn't work on higher grounds. So if nr.

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But why? Is nr.


Fulfill their fantasies and fly above a cuckoo's nest? Or maybe they are just test flying a new helicopter they bought from the recent million donation from Nike? It took me about two hours for that strange physical sensation to disappear from my back.

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It literally moved my vertebrae in all directions. When i climbed profesor de opțiuni binare on Eagle Crest from Stephenson, i saw at nr.

But i was lucky.

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They were evenings where i could count planes mostly big liners approaching to PDX from SE, most under the ft limit during a 30 minutes walk.

Tonight there was only that helicopter and maybe a plane or two, can't really remember. Why are they approaching at this angle, since main runaway is kinda parallel to this direction, don't ask me.

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They go NW pass above here then make a degree turn within 3 miles from the runaway then land from NW. But that is only 8PM and only when i go for a walk.

Otherwise i don't hear them from inside. Here is the map with the tracking of the helicopter.

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Can click to enlarge. On the map the height of the house apartment is considered at 0 ft above see level which is not true.

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It is at feet. The helicopter at its closest point of the house is just above but i thing it was just feet above the house. I was not at home but further down the street at nr. Why i didn't say this before?

It's not really fun to write about these things Posted by.