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I'm Jeff Wecker and welcome to the Wecker. I'm here today on tickertocker TV at Eastern Standard time every day to discuss the markets with you with it been with a. We're going to talk about the forex market primarily and.

forex live chat

Also touch on the S and PS and the bitcoin and gold for those who have an interest there. How to know when they're all gone and to reverse. And go the other way how to feed out your.

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So you know these are things that I learned in the pets at the board of trade and I took them to online trade in where I've been the last 15 years and I've traded just about everything from S and PS to bonds to forex to gold to silver to bitcoin even cattle in the court. So I've traded most things and have been fortunate because I've been doing this so long to have traded through bull market.

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And that's what does for you and it works at all time frames you can get you into long-term trades you in weekly charts. Trades with a 4 hour 1 hour charts even and it can day trade for you on the five-minute chart, which I do all day and totally have a great time.

forex live chat

I have six seven screens here and oh no screens right forex live chat. Because you know, I don't know what the long-term moves are going to be.

forex live chat

I'll show you how I know that. Of the trades. To get started, I'm going to have a little sip of coffee to get started.

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For those who have been following me. Okay really make a tremendous amount of forex live chat because we have forex live chat short USD. Technical reasons for that and there are fundamental reasons for that the which we will now take a look at it.

So if you look at AA Top-down Trade or I will start at the the long term charts and work down to the smallest for day trading.

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All the other currencies, this is not a guess. This is a total bear market. But you also want to notice is that these moves you want to stay about 10 years in duration The last one was a bull market in USD from and promptly on a dime in January ofwhere we got long against USD we.

Ever since January and it gains between fifteen pips.

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So this is not a guess it was a prediction year and a half ago when I started talking about it, it's no longer a prediction. You can't call it a prediction when we're plus pips.

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Yeah, we're so in each each of the currencies so the 10 year decline has begun and it's well underway and. This for you is that even though they have been substantial moves that we've caught up against USD you've got thousands more thousands of more pips to go and this is the big trade for the next five to 10 years and it's working out beautifully.

forex live chat

Up with this, the US has printed money like there's no tomorrow. As far as the death of USD, that's another story, the published that's about That's also in the 20 trillion.

forex live chat

Let's say you had a business that brought in grand a year and you were down grand. What would be your chances of ever repaint them and who would want to lend you money and if they did lend you money?

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Cover all the risk of. This is what's going on I've I've showed you both the tactical, I've explained the fundamental reasons for what's happening and it's very evident today.

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That was total panic out of the US dollar there they're selling in the US dollar against everything.