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    From a population of six hundred employees, a sample size of two hundred and forty was drawn based on which questionnaire were distributed and retrieved. The demographic and univariate data were presented with descriptive statistics and hypotheses were tested using the t-test and multiple regression analysis.

    The result showed a positive relationship between dimensions of ethical leadership and measures of work engagement.

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    The study however recommended among others that: 1 leaders should endeavor to treat their followers with fairness and justice 2 leaders should be responsible enough to recognize that their actions or inactions have effect for the future of the organization and that 3 leaders should carry themselves in a transparent manner as against having their actions shrouded in secrecy Download When Jungle Order Rocks the Boat of Legal Order: Inevitability of Forex office stockholm city Stability for the Peace and Security of Mankind in Africa When Jungle Order Rocks the Boat of Legal Order: Inevitability of State Stability for the Peace and Security of Mankind in Africa Author s : Simeon A.

    However, the inability of the state to meet the existential exigencies of its citizens and, ipso facto, its consequent loss of legitimacy, has generated a groundswell of discontent that has triggered the emergence of centrifugal forces — non-state actors — variously described as rebels, insurrectionists, insurgents, armed bandits, separatist agitators, terrorists, amongst others.

    But although these forces initially set out as viable alternatives to the state, they soon lose track and threaten not only the peace and security of the state but also of everyone else including their compatriots and neighbouring or contiguous states.

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    Such has become the lot of so many states in Africa. This paper examines the background and the foreground of the failure of the legal orders of the state, the disaster that armed non-state actors have become for their compatriots and territorial neighbours and the reluctance of the international community to effectively respond forex office stockholm city restore order.

    Finally, the paper suggests some ways in which the legal order of the state can be rejuvenated in such a way as to be able to meet contemporary needs of law and order on the one hand and freedom and liberty on the other.

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